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Sunday. 7.27.08 10:02 am
I am aware that my first entry may have been a little strange. It was something that I hadnt wanted to lose. My plan is to link my shiny new NuTang here with another page of mine and also my own Pagan Chat Room on EsperNet. Free advertising for Dave!! My Pages here will be a personal blog of my spiritual journey and also a wealth of information that any new/old pagan may need.

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Tuesday. 7.22.08 11:45 am
. BEWARE of any group that recruits with a maximum age restriction.

Some groups will place a minimum age requirement on their membership (e.g.: must be over 18) but anything that says you must be "between the ages of" or "under the age of" is not legitimate!

2. BEWARE of any group or contact that is "only available or accessible for a short or limited period of time".

Legitimate pagan groups do not need to hide from the law, or relocate frequently to ensure the safety of their members. Many groups will be discrete, but these groups aren't likely to advertise on the internet. Furthermore, most groups that are looking for members want a long term commitment and will encourage members to carefully think through a decision to join . True pagans know that a Pagan Path is not easy and is not for everyone.

3. BEWARE of any group that tells you that you cannot back out once you join.

Again, true pagans know that a Pagan Path is not easy and not for everyone. True pagans will encourage you to refrain from doing anything that does not feel right.

4. BEWARE of any group that tells you sex and nudity is mandatory and/or "is" paganism .

Pagans DO have different attitudes toward sex and nudity. Sex is sacred for pagans and is viewed as something to be celebrated and cherished. Sex acts and Sex Magick are not mandatory practices in pagan rituals. Pagan views on the human body are the same and so nudity is often accepted and practiced, and some groups do prefer to do their work in the nude ("skyclad"). Legitimate pagan groups who practice skyclad will tell you that this is the preference for their group and that there are other options for you within the pagan community if you are not comfortable with nudity.

5. BEWARE of any group that "initiates" you right away.
Initiation is a ritual of dedication that requires preparation and study. It is important that you understand the religion and the Deities before you can dedicate yourself to them! Legitimate pagan groups will demand that you at least demonstrate SOME understanding of the religion before they would have you participate in an Initiation Ritual.


The following is an excerpt from a website that has been moving around the Net and has caused great concern in the Pagan Community:

I will make this short and sweet.This sight will not be up long so reply to it fast. First i will be be initationating any females from the ages of 13-20 in to the pagan word. This is only for the serious for if you choos to enter there is no backing out. I will only be doing this for a short time for i must move to another city soon. this is for the residents of sumter south carolina only at the moment. If you are truly interested write me at hxxxx@xxxx.com

This is the rules. If you come to me you must never speak of what went on. Secondly if you come to me you must go through to the end regardless of what it intales, for you you are truly serious about getting into paganism you would do what ever it takes. lastly you must prove your self to the gods. and finaly if you are skittish about sex or nudity dont bother coming for paganism also intales sex magic and worshiping in the nude. (the best but not that important... virgans will be the strongest to join.... meaning if you enter as a virgin you will be much stronger than those that are not.... but not necessary to be one.....contact me for more infor.......lastly ages 13-20 only and if 13-17 come alone or bring another to follow the gods.....but after every thing is done no word will ever be spoken of what has gone on for it is the first rule of entering...

1. must be 13-20;

2. must go through no matter what it intales...if you come to me you better be prepared for anything

3. must never speak a single word ever

4. must be ready for sex magic and worshiping in the nude for that is part of what paganism is

5. must be ready to give your self to the god and goddess and ready to learn

6. must not have any sexualy transmited deseases

7. must come to me to the place of my choosing

9. and finly no harm will come to anyone...no forcing to do anything you do not want to do

10. but if you write me....come to me..... and go to where i choose to meet you .... you must do what i say for at that point i need no fear...for you must be prepaired for any thing.

11. this is what will happen...... 1....begin the initiation by opening the circle and all clothing except the hipriest which is me will be removed and placed out side the cirle. 2.small lock of hair will be cut and placed in the flame. i will ask what your new name you choose is. to begin your teaching and to build energy to prove your self to the gods we preform the ritual sex magic( like i said its part of who we are.... virgins on not frome the ages of 13-20 only). those that come in as virgins have more power for the fact they loose there virginity by taking on the god and goddess and the ways of the witch. 13 is the earliest one can join for by then in the ways of the witch that is when they are meture enough to choose.when you name is choosen and your jucis and body is given as proff of your loyalty to the godds. we seperate and go seperate ways to begin your learning.....find others and initate them....and never speak to any one of what went on to any one ever. so mote it be....this is the initation. write only if you are serious.

Besides the fact that this is clearly written by an illiterate........most true pagans would know how to spell "High Priest" or "initiate" and its derivatives.....it is clearly designed to draw young women only for sexual acts and it is a gross misrepresentation of paganism.

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